Pandemic Bad to Worse

Its Friday the 13th
Are you Superstitious–lookin out for Black Csts and Cracks in the Sidewalk.

Sara Tobar

Sara Tobar

Account Executive at SMS Gatez LLC

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Black Friday 2020

Its Black Friday 2020 It is that time again…Getting ready for the Super Dealz, Big Thanksgiving Dinner and Football. I am not even sure

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Pandemic Bad to Worse

Friday the 13th for the Superstitious.  Are you already working from home? We have helped many businesses become more automated in these unpredictable times.

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Countdown to the New Year


So here is the news folks.  We are headed back to the home office for another economic lockdown.  I dont know about you but I cannot wait to say goodbye to 2020.

We have helped many businesses become more automated in these unpredictable times. There is fear that the states are once more going to be mandating restrictions on business. Some of the most common comments I have heard are how the Rona Virus can tell time. How can Rona know its 9AM or 9PM, but we restrict the business hours. Enough of the sad and dismal realities that we are feeling daily when we watch or read the news feed.

We are not like any other typical SMS texting service. We want you to succeed so we want to work with you to know your business needs. We walk you through the platform and help set up the system. Our best value is Simdroid. You need to have your own Android SIM phone wiht your own subscription from a carrier. After you have activated your phone you are ready to install our small apk and syn your phone to the cloud. From there you will import your data, type a message and send. Couldnt be easier. Get your free account now.



SMS Gatez is offering coupons for November!

FREE100 Coupon Sign Up for a Free Simdroid Account on our platforma dn recieve 100 Free Credits.  That breaks down to 100 messages . One message consists of 160 characters.  Please be sure to come on Live Chat and speak with our support team to receive your free credits.

INTEGRATE50 Coupon Sign Up for a 50% off coupon to be used on your next Bring Your Own Roiute Integration.  We have a total of 12 routes that we currently use on our platform.  Open an account on or before November 30, 2020 using any of the following route integrations and receive 50% off the total price of route integration (normally priced at $399.99)

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Zapier Integration

SMS Gatez has now integrated with Zapier.  Great News for those that want extra API functionality.  This is by Invitation Only since it is in Beta, but click on the chat button in the lower right corner and the support team will get you started.  

Sign Up for a FREE account and receive a complimentary 100 credits to see what everyone is talking about. 


Get your free account today.

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